Land Rover Defender Restomods

Land Rover defender restomod

For 67 years, the Land Rover defender restomod has been a revered and loved vehicle. And now that the company has discontinued production of the original model, the demand for these cars is thriving in the aftermarket.

One such restomod comes from Osprey Cars, a company in Wilmington, North Carolina that specializes in customizing the classic Defender. Their latest build features a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine pumping out 435 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. It also has heavy-duty suspension, underbody protection, a heavy-duty transfer case, a custom exhaust system and extra sound deadening.

Land Rover Defender Restomod: Combining Classic Style with Modern Performance

Osprey Cars has built a number of different Land Rover Defenders, but this is probably the most unique one that they’ve created so far. The team started by stripping the vehicle, restoring the chassis and adding a number of custom parts to make it more rugged and capable for off-roading.

They’ve also added a number of modern features, including a touch screen console in the cabin. The front seats were upgraded with heated leather and the headliner was clad in Alcantara to provide even more luxury.

Another example of a Defender that’s gone through a major upgrade comes from Arkonik, a U.S.-based aftermarket company that rebuilds these trucks from scratch rather than simply “refurbishing” them. The company has a huge list of customizations and upgrades to choose from, so you can really create your dream ride.

In addition to offering up some incredibly powerful vehicles, they also provide you with a warranty that will ensure you don’t have any issues with your Defender as long as you keep it on the road. So whether you’re a first-time owner or an experienced driver, these custom Defenders will help you tackle any adventure that lies ahead.

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