Yellow Crystals – The Energetic Beacon of Sunshine

yellow crystals  are the energetic beacon of sunshine that lifts your spirits, brings more energy into your life and boosts your optimism. From the bright burst of citrine to the soft glow of calcite and glistening Libyan Desert Glass or Tektite, yellow crystals can help you reclaim your personal power and become more confident in yourself. They are a great tool to use when you feel like you need to shake things up and bring new zest into your relationships or career.

These powerful stones have a strong action to enhance your creativity and can aid in finding solutions for problems that may seem unsolvable. They can also assist in strengthening your willpower and helping you stick to your own beliefs. Often associated with the solar plexus chakra, yellow crystals can give you more confidence in your sexuality and boost your warrior spirit and personal will.

Sunshine in Stone: The Radiant World of Yellow Crystals

Whether you want to get your financial house in order, attract more wealth into your life or find a way to be more decisive – these crystals are the answer. They are also great for boosting your memory and concentration, easing fatigue and promoting healthy skin. They are also helpful for balancing the heart chakra and bringing love and compassion into your life. You can place them around the home or in the office to enhance the ambiance, wear them as jewelry or put them under your pillow to promote a restful sleep.

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