Support and Training to Enhance Primary Care for Postpartum Depression

Online Course Information

STEP-PPD is a modular training program designed to provide educational information and resources for primary care providers and educators regarding evidence-based screening, diagnosis, treatment, and referral mechanisms for Postpartum Depression (PPD). This program contains the following modules:

  • Understanding PPD: This module presents information on the symptoms, etiology, and impact of PPD. It is meant to serve as an introduction to the topic of PPD and other postpartum emotional adjustment difficulties.
  • Assessing PPD: This module is designed to prepare primary care providers to effectively screen and assess mothers for PPD. The screening and assessment approaches included in this module are designed to circumvent common challenges healthcare providers face, including limited time for patient visits, competing time demands, and lack of adequate resources.
  • Treating PPD: This module is designed to provide providers with basic guidelines for treating women with PPD in primary care settings. The information presented here reflects a combination of empirical evidence and clinical experience, and it covers the basics of pharmacological and nonpharmacological interventions.


Course Components

The course contains 3 educational modules. To access the course, click on the "Online Course" tab. Instructions for navigating the modules are included on the landing page of the course.

To begin the course, click on the links on the left side of the screen. Each module begins with an outline of the course. The Introduction and Learning Objectives section provides a brief description of the content and a list of the learning objectives for that module. Move through the module by clicking on the left-side navigation or by clicking "next" or “back” buttons at the bottom of each screen. You can also navigate the module by clicking on the outline at the beginning of each module. You can return to the module outline at any time by clicking on the "Table of Contents" link at the bottom of the page. Each module ends with a Conclusion section that summarizes the learning objectives. Click on the left-side menu to move to a new module.

Each module contains case studies and video clips to supplement the course content:

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Additionally, the Resources section contains tools and information to supplement the modules., including links to all of the case studies and video clips presented in the training.

Questions may be directed to the course administrators: STEP-PPD Administrator.