Custom Airsoft Patches

airsoft patches custom

Airsoft patches custom are a great way to show team spirit and add personalization to your airsoft gear. They can be used to display ranks and roles, celebrate special wins or milestones, or to signify certain techniques that set your squad apart on the mock battlefield. Custom patches are available in a variety of durable materials and with different backing options to easily attach to combat vests, jackets, bags, hats, and other tactical equipment.

Three types of airsoft patches are most popular among teams: Embroidered, PVC and Woven. Each type of patch has its own unique features and customization ability. Before you start designing, decide what purpose your patch will serve. Do you want it to be a morale patch for the entire team, or a name patch for a specific squad/unit within your team? Then decide on the shape and size of your patch.

Tactical Flair: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Custom Airsoft Patches for a Personalized Loadout

Embroidered patches are made with thread and a thicker fabric border than other styles of patch. They are ideal for designs that are more detailed and require multiple colors. They can also be sewn directly onto a garment or a piece of gear, such as a combat vest or helmet.

PVC patches are made of a plastic that looks and feels like rubber. They are flexible and waterproof, making them a great option for outdoor use. This type of patch is not recommended for designs that are very thin or intricate, as it can become deformed with wear and tear.

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