Custom Girl Scout Patches and Pins

custom girl scout patches

Girl custom girl scout patches are known for their unique uniforms, but they are also adorned with a variety of patches and pins. They reflect their rank, accomplishments, and milestones. They also serve as a way for Girl Scouts to connect with one another, with their community, and with their country.

There are many official Girl Scout badges that Girl Scouts can earn, with the requirements for each badge varying by level. They cover a range of topics, including STEM, the outdoors, and life skills. Each badge is earned in a different way, from completing a series of activities to attending a council-led event. Girl Scouts may also earn Fun Patches for special events and activities. Fun Patches are worn on the back of their vests or sashes, while badges are sewn to the front of the vest.

The American flag patch identifies Girl Scouts as citizens of the United States and is worn on all uniforms, along with the council identification set. The Girl Scout membership pin identifies the Girl Scout as an official member of the organization and is worn on the insignia tab with the World Trefoil Pin. The Girl Scout Journey Summit Award Pin is worn on the left side of the uniform when the Girl Scout has completed a Leadership Journey.

Empowering Girls: Designing Custom Girl Scout Patches

Adult achievement patches recognize the role and service that adults play in the Girl Scout organization. These come in six distinct colors to indicate the volunteer’s level of participation with the organization. Many Girl Scouts choose to add a fun patch, called a Participation Patch, to their uniforms as well. These are not official Girl Scout patches and do not have specific requirements, but they are a great way to commemorate an experience, like visiting a state park or participating in a local event. These are often sewn to the back of a Girl Scout’s vest or sash, but some scouts prefer to sew them to their jacket or brag blanket.

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