Forklift Train the Trainer – Train Your Employees to Drive and Operate Forklifts Safely

forklift train the trainer

Tens of thousands of Forklift Academy accidents occur each year, and many of those are caused by operator error. An effective forklift training program can reduce these accidents and worker’s compensation claims. Our forklift train-the-trainer course will prepare your best employees to become qualified trainers, allowing them to teach others to drive and operate forklifts safely.

After attending our online forklift train-the-trainer course, your employee will be able to take the role of instructor and lead a classroom training session with new hires or current employees. They will learn how to create lesson plans, present the material in a way that is engaging and effective, and perform operator assessments to ensure they are fully understanding the course materials.

Becoming the Expert: The Importance of Forklift Train the Trainer Certification

Having your own in-house forklift trainer allows you to streamline the new hire training process and save money. You won’t need to pay a 3rd party every time someone needs to be trained on new equipment, and you will have the flexibility to accommodate your employee’s schedule.

The forklift trainer course will also cover all the essentials of OSHA warehouse safety guidelines, including how to read data plates and identify the different parts of a forklift. Your on-site forklift trainer will be familiar with your specific equipment and how it operates, which is a major advantage. They will be able to guide your employees through the training and evaluation processes while being available for any questions they may have about OSHA rules and regulations. They will also be able to assist with any workplace safety issues that come up, such as accident reporting, ensuring your workplace stays compliant.

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