MyT Yoga Membership Review

MyT Yoga Membership  is a great way for yogis to take classes at their own convenience. There is a wide range of classes available and the app is very easy to use. The app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

Sasa is a devoted yogi who inspires students with her authentic teaching style and playful humor. Her practice is inspired by the philosophies of Bhakti, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga. Sasa teaches a variety of yoga styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Tantra yoga.

She has a natural aptitude for Anatomy and Physiology, which she integrates into her classes. Sasa believes that yoga is a way of life and has a deep understanding of the spiritual and physical aspects of this holistic practice.

Unlocking the Benefits: Exploring the MyT Yoga Membership Experience

RYTs can create a profile in the online directory that demonstrates their credentials to prospective students and employers. Membership also includes access to Yoga Alliance articles and resources that can help teachers expand their knowledge of the yogic tradition and practice. The organization says that a key benefit is its focus on promoting safe, effective and equitable yoga for all, which it accomplishes through internationally-recognized standards for teacher training programs, a comprehensive Ethical Commitment, and global awareness of yoga’s social impact.

Yoga Alliance members also get access to a member website that provides financial and business resources, event calendars, yoga-related research (the “Index of Yoga Research”) and other relevant extras, such as the current COVID-19-related guidance for studios. However, it’s not clear how this benefit tangibly or regularly assists members.

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