Top 10 Trendiest Cities in 2021

Trendiest Cities

As we inch Vienna: The Worst for Shopping to regaining some sense of normalcy, there are a few things most people want to do first—and one of those is traveling. While it may take some time to get back to packing our bags, 2021 is still a great year for those with the freedom to do so. But what are the best places to go?

To help answer that question, 24/7 Tempo surveyed urbanites to find out which cities brim with coffee roasters, brewery taprooms, juice bars, luxury beard-waxing salons, and more, as well as offer affordable starter homes that attract Millennials and Gen Z. It also looked at where the hottest neighborhoods are, and whether those areas are growing in popularity, with more and more trending shops popping up.

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A trio of European cities rounded out the top five, with Berlin coming in at number two thanks to its nightlife scene that features everything from karaoke to Monster Ronson and its “huge parks, legendary pubs, and cutting-edge clubs.” London came in fourth for its “variety of activities,” while Madrid took fifth place due to its food and cocktail culture, which the survey noted actually thrived during COVID-19.

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