What is a Profanity Word List?

A profanity word list is a set of words that are considered to be swearwords. They are used to express negative emotions, and to describe things that may be offensive to others. Swear words can be used as a form of expression and can also be a tool to deceive others.

Profanity has been a major topic of discussion in society, and it has often been regulated by government agencies. The use of profanity has been linked to violence, and many countries have laws against blasphemy and obscenity. However, regulating the use of profanity can have negative effects on social interaction.

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Some swear words are very harsh, while others pack a less powerful punch. The word ‘ass’, for example, packs much less of an impact than the word ‘fuck’. This is because it is often used to refer to a male body part, and may be offensive to some. It is not as threatening as other harsh curse words, but should still be avoided around family members and work colleagues.

Nevertheless, swear words do have important functions in society. They can increase the perceived’reality’ of a statement, and they can also help to convey a sense of trust. As such, swear words are likely to remain a prominent feature of language, and it is crucial that websites continue to monitor trends and develop tools to address any changes. A recent study found that 185 specific words account for 99% of all profanity in lyrics across 8 popular music genres. The researchers selected these words to ensure that they were ‘objective’, and that the list did not have a strong present fashion bias.

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